Thank you for visiting the website for Binkert's Meat Products. We are a family owned and operated producer of traditional german meat products. Our award winning selection of products includes a variety of sausages, lunchmeats, salamis, smoked meats and more, all made using traditional german recipes. Our retail store in the Rosedale area of Baltimore is open to the public and is a favorite spot of german food lovers from the greater Baltimore-Washington area. In addition to our selection of authentic german meat products, we carry a variety of imported german breads, sauerkrauts, condiments, chocolates and more in our retail store.

On our website you can find our retail store hours, address & google map of our store, contact info, and our current retail pricelist using the sidebar on the right of the page. We will also list important news and updates about Binkert's below, so check back often for the latest info on your favorite german meat shop!

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Binkerts has launched an Online Store!

Our Online Storefront is now up and taking orders! You can browse our selection of products and place an order for home shipment via UPS. Click here to be taken to our online storefront. If you have any questions about using our online store, you can contact our online sales representative at germansausages@binkertsmeat.com.


Al Spoler and Jerry Pelligrino discuss German Wurst on Radio Kitchen on 88.1 WYPR 11/23/10

"It may have been Oktoberfest or it may have been football tailgate parties that got us thinking about our topic for this week's show…and that would be sausage and wurst. We weren't initially aware of it, but these incredibly savory packages of meat and seasonings appear in one form or another in mosst countries around the world.
There are two types of sausage: dried, cured sausage, which is ready to eat, and fresh sausage that needs to be cooked up. When it comes to beer and sausage, i.e., the kind of food we crave this time of year, the German varieties are hard to beat. Here's a roster of the leading German styles.
Bratwurst, also Rostbratwurst reddish brown in color, these are made from finely minced pork and beef. these are best grilled and served with a spicy mustard and a piece of thick bread.
Knackwurst are all-beef, a pale tan color, and flavored with garlic. they are often boiled and serve up very well with sauerkraut and potato salad.
Weisswurst is pale white, just as its name suggests. It is made with veal and bacon and is seasoned with parsley, onion, lemon and cardamom. It is boiled and it usually is eaten after the skin is removed. This mild flavored sausage goes best with milder mustards and lighter beers.
Frankfurter or Bockwurst forget about American hotdogs. You haven't eaten really good franks until you try the original. These are traditionally made from veal, pork and a little beef. Salt, pepper and paprika are the seasonings. The sausages are long and slender and come in links. Ordinarily boiled, they also stand up well to grilling, of course. Germans will specify a hearty bock beer to go with them. I think India Pale Ale is also perfect.
Two ready to eat sausages are also fairly well known.
Leberkase means "liver cheese", two ingredients it doesn't have! This is essentially a cold meatloaf, which is eaten in slices. Made from corned beef, onions and marjoram you can eat it cold, or pan fry it.
Landjager is a fairly common cured sausage that looks like a little salami. made from beef, pork, sugar and spices, you eat it cold just like you would an Italian salmi.

Finally, if you haven't heard of Baltimore's own sausage champions, you need to learn about Ostrowski's in Highlandtown (524 Washington Street), and Binkert's in Rosedale (8805 Philadelphia Road). Unbelievably good!"

-Taken from http://www.wypr.org/Radio_Kitchen.html . Link to Audio podcast coming soon...


Binkerts featured as a Local Flavor in October 2009 Baltimore Magazine

In The Wurst Way

A local sausage maker provides brats and sauerkraut to Oktoberfests.

By Suzanne Loudermilk                Photo Credit: Cory Donovan

Once again, Binkert’s Meat Products (8805 Philadelphia Rd., 410-687-5959, binkerts.com) is gearing up for a season of Oktoberfests. The company—founded in 1964 by German immigrant Egon Binkert, a master butcher who had an American dream to open his own place—expects to deliver bratwursts, sauerkraut, red cabbage, and mustard to more than 50 October celebrations throughout the area, says second-generation owner Sonya Weber.... (read more at BaltimoreMagazine.net)



Binkert's has the best Sausage in Baltimore!

We're honored to have received City Paper Best of Baltimore 2008 for Best Sausage.




Looking for a place to connect with the German-American Community?

Visit Der Wecker, a German-American Community Forum serving the Baltimore Washington corridor, to connect with other German - Americans in the area and find out about local events, family histories, food and more!



In Loving Memory

Jrmgard Margareth Binkert
(March 25, 1918 - January 14, 2011)



Binkert's now has an online store with a selection of our products available for online purchase and UPS shipment to your home!

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If you are looking for products available for online purchase and UPS shipment, please visit our online store and browse our selection of products available for shipping.

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Binkert's Online Store opens for online orders and shipments.


Website updated with Retail and Wholesale Products Pricelists.


Binkerts featured in Baltimore Magazine


Website updated with Retail and Wholesale Products Pricelists.


 Doors officially re-open to retail customers.


Binkerts wins City Paper Best of Baltimore 2008 for Best Sausage


Reconstruction has begun.


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