At Binkert's German Meat Products, we are a family-owned and -operated company. We produce traditional German meat products that have won awards and satisfied our customers since the early 1960s.


We are very proud of our heritage. Whether you are of German descent or you just enjoy the taste of traditional German food, we would love to provide you with the best meats, breads, mustard, coffee and more available.


Part of our charm is our genuine German recipes. From roasted to smoked meats, each of our recipes has been handed down from generation to generation. The second you bite into our sausages, you will feel as if you are transported back to Deutschland.


We want to provide you with only the best selection of authentic German meat. All of our services are flexible too. Order online, order in store, select the size, style, flavor and meat type you wish, no matter what you desire – we make it for you with a smile.


If you would like to connect with other German-American families in the greater Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Region, we can help. There are many local events, family histories and of course food for you to enjoy. For more information please look to our press page.

Egon Binkert and his wife Jrmgard immigrated to the United States from southern Germany in 1953, carrying his “Metzgermeisterbrief”, or Master of his Trade Certificate in his pocket. By 1964, they had started their own wholesale business in a rented building in Essex, Maryland and were admitted to the USDA inspection program that year. Early accounts were hotels, restaurants and delicatessens in the Washington DC area. When the demand for Binkerts sausages increased, my father built his own processing facility at the current location in Rosedale.

In the year 2000 at the age of 81, Mr. Binkert turned the business over to his only daughter Sonya and son-in-law Lothar. The present building houses the manufacturing plant and the retail store.

About the Logo: Our logo image depicts a girl wearing the traditional dirndl costume or “Tracht” of the Black Forest region in Germany. This area borders Karlsruhe and Stuttgart to the north and Basel and Lake Constance to the south. Her straw hat with red woolen pom-poms informs the public that this maiden is unmarried and available. Were her pom-poms black…you guessed it. Married. Hands off!

If you would like to speak with us in person, stop by our retail store in Rosedale, MD or give us a call today at 410-687-5959.
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